New Logging Hazard Brief: Falls from Equipment

Logging fallSHARP has issued a new logging hazard brief with recommendations intended to reduce risk of injuries.  Safety managers are encouraged to use the information as a safety meeting topic.

Falls From Equipment

New Logging Hazard Briefs and Injury Report

LoggingSHARP has issued two new hazard briefs and one new injury report relevant to the logging industry.  The hazard briefs provide tips regarding skyline hung through standing timber and unstable logs on loads.  The injury report describes a fatal incident in which a timber faller was struck by a maple top.

New SHARP Hazard Brief: Logging Road Construction

Logging_Road_(6051024463)[1]Washington State L&I Safety and Health Assessment Research for Prevention (SHARP) program has released a new logging hazard brief highlighting unnecessary hazards that can be introduced during road building.  Full details are available from the L&I website.

Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals Rule Review Updates – June 21 meeting canceled

The process safety management rule review meeting previously scheduled for June 21, 2017 has been canceled.

May contractor PSM panel meeting notes

May PSM meeting comments

Washington State L&I Hazard Bulletin: Exploding Tanks During Metal Recycling

Propane_tanks_large[2The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries has released a new bulletin profiling the hazards associated when handling metal tanks and cylinders at scrap metal yards and recycling  centers.  Pressurized tanks can explode and/or cause fires if punctured, while both pressurized and non-pressurized tanks can release toxic substances.  For prevention tips, see the L&I Bulletin.

Crane Safety Stakeholders Group Meeting – July 19, 2017

Washington State L&I has newly established a Crane Safety Stakeholders Group.  The initial kick-off meeting will be July 19 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the L&I Tukwila office.

Logging Injury Alert from SHARP

L&I’s Safety and Health Assessment and Research for Prevention (SHARP) Program has posted a new evaluation of a logging injury that occurred in September 2016.  The narrative is located here: SHARP