Construction Fatality Narrative – Carpenter Falls from Bridge Platform

The Washington State FACE program has released a new fatality narrative summarizing a fatal incident in which a carpenter fell 60 feet from a bridge platform.  Although the victim was wearing fall protection, a retractable lanyard was improperly used.



Association Between Pesticide Profiles and IQ in Children

The authors evaluated the possible effects of multiple pesticides on children’s IQs when applied near maternal residences in agricultural areas.  For one of the eight pesticide profiles there was a significant association with IQ.  The authors also found that there was the potential for sub-additive effects between pesticides.

Source: PubMed Abstract

New Epidemiology Review Evaluates Protection Provided by Current OELs for Silica

The review found that a cricial analysis of the epidemiology supported a qualitative association between occupational exposure to silica and obstructive lung function, but the data quality was not sufficient to calculate a quantitative relationship or define a threshold above which there was an increased risk.

Source: PubMed Abstract

New Study on Setting Occupational Exposure Levels for Hydrocarbon Solvents

The method used assumes additivity between similar hydrocarbon solvents, which is based on the similar toxicological properties observed in studies.  According to the abstract, “Practical demonstrations on how to use these recommendations to develop occupational exposure advice in different situations (from simple complex solvents to blends of complex solvents) are also provided.”

Source: PubMed Abstract